Panel Beating Equipment

De Haan Bodyworks has the following panel beating equipment and facilities:

  • Inverter Spot Welders
  • High Tensile Steel Welders
  • Caroliner Laser Measuring System to return your vehicle to factory specifications
  • Plastic Welding Equipment

Spray Painting Equipment

De Haan Bodyworks has the following spray painingequipment and facilities:

  • Oven baking facilities
  • New to Australia State-of-the-art gas infra-red drying system
  • Sikkens water-based Eco-Logical paint

Environmental Responsibilities

De Haan Bodyworks is committed to being an environmentally resposinble business:

  • 125 Solar Panels producing approximately 70% of power requirements.
  • All steel, aluminium, plastics and cardboard is recycled.
  • Increased use of water-based paints (less need to use solvant-based paints)

Bookings or Enquires

Please call us on 03 6424 2762 for all bookings and enquiries.