De Haan Bodyworks is an accredited member of the TACC.

The Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (TACC) has served the Automotive Industry since 1930.

The Chamber amalgamated with the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) in 1999, and since then TACC has been able to provide members with a more diversified range of services while maintaining a Tasmanian perspective and addressing local issues.

TACC is dedicated to the promotion, representation and preservation of member businesses to local, state and federal governments, the media, consumers and the community.

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History and Staff

De Haan Bodyworks was established by Dirk De Haan Snr on March 10, 1958 at 35 Formby Road in Devonport, making the move to their current location at 39 Wenvoe Street in 1960.

Today, De Haan Bodyworks has grown to employ 14 staff and is owned and operated by Dirk De Haan (Dirk Snr's son) and Elizabeth De Haan, and their son Simon De Haan.

The team at De Haan Bodyworks is ready and able to assist you:

Proprieter: Dirk De Haan - Experience: 53 years at De Haan Bodyworks.

General Manager: SImon De Haan - Experience: 21 years at De Haan Bodyworks.

Receptionist: Elizabeth De Haan
Receptionist: Teresa De Boer
Panel Beating Workshop Team Leader: Daniel
Panel Beating Tradesmen: Nathan, Ashley and Jeremy
Paint Shop Team Leader: Mark
Paint Shop Tradesmen: Dave and Patrick
Trades Assistants: Travis, Colby and James
Detailer: Jordan

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